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Richard Brash

Missionary. Theologian. Author.

Welcome to the official website of Richard Brash. Richard's mission is to share the Good News of Jesus Christ in all its richness through a ministry of teaching, speaking, and writing -- to the glory of God.

『自分を知り、神を知る』著者インタビュー シリーズ 01/10『そもそも神学は本当に必要?』

『自分を知り、神を知る』著者インタビュー シリーズ 01/10『そもそも神学は本当に必要?』

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Knowing Me,

Knowing God:

Six Theological Keys to Scripture

Release Date (except US): February 18 2021

In the Bible, God gives us knowledge of himself and of ourselves, so that through these two intertwined strands we may receive what Calvin called 'true and sound wisdom'. In pursuit of this wisdom, many Christians have learned to interpret Scripture chrono-logically, following the Bible’s developing story from creation, through fall, to redemption, and ultimately to restoration. But what of a complementary theo-logical approach to Scripture, one which focuses on the Bible’s main 'characters' — God and human beings — and the nature of their relationship?


About Richard Brash

Associate Professor of Theology, Christ Bible Seminary, Nagoya, Japan

Richard Brash was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. He and his wife Yuko are mission partners with Japan Christian Link, sent jointly by St Ebbe's Church, Oxford, and Chalmers Church, Edinburgh. Richard and Yuko have two children.

Find out more about Richard here.

Watch Richard's appearance on US TV show Digging for Truth

Books by Richard Brash

Richard's books focus on communicating theology for life, in accessible and memorable ways. With a bit of serendipity along the way...


(Christian's Pocket Guide Series)

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The Essential Mindset Shift for Time-Rich Living

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Six Theological Keys to Scripture


"[T]heology at its best: biblically grounded, mind-blowing and heart-warming."

Vaughan Roberts

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