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Smart Serendipity

The Essential Mindset Shift for Time-Rich Living

It’s a common refrain: I want more time for the things that really matter in my life!

In the midst of a busy and pressured life, how can I enjoy "time-rich" living? Is it possible to be both efficient and creative, time-precise and time-rich, task-driven and people-oriented, to satisfy (even exceed) expectations at work, and to enjoy satisfying relationships both at work and at home?


This original and practical book introduces an approach to life that I call "smart serendipity."

I'll introduce you to the two, fundamentally different, ways in which we human beings do things, or get things done. I call them “Form-First” (FF) and “Content First” (CF). We're all -- naturally -- geared or oriented towards one or the other of these mindsets. But we need both of them!

In chapter one, I explain the differences between people who naturally default to a Form-First mindset (FFs) and those whose preference is Content-First (CFs), to help you discern which one is your natural default, or where you are on the “F-C spectrum.” That will enable you to determine your personal goals as you read through the rest of this book and begin to put the ideas into practice.

Chapters two and three are on the Form-First (FF) and Content-First (CF) mindsets, respectively. I explain in detail what they are, how they work, and how to develop them, using real-life examples and comparisons so that you can clearly see what I’m talking about. You'll find concrete suggestions for how to implement the things you've learned in each chapter.

In particular, I introduce the two "secret key perspectives" of each mindset, discuss their main characteristics, and share some of their typical weaknesses.

In the fourth and final chapter, I will give you the diagnostic tools to decide which mindset to engage when, and how they fit together to lead you to "smart serendipity," and truly "time-rich" living.

"Smart Serendipity is profound, very helpful, encouraging and realistic." (Amazon review)

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